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Our Mission

Our goal is not only to treat your injury, but also educate you in the process. We want you to know why you became injured. We want you to understand your treatment process. And we want you to have all the knowledge necessary to prevent your injury from returning.

  • Sports injury specialist
  • Get athletes and active people back on the field as soon as possible
  • We practice Active Release Technique (ART®), the leader in soft injury treatment
Dr. Aundi Mevoli Dr. Aundi Mevoli, DC, ART, CCEP

Dr. Mevoli has a degree from Lifewest Chiropractic with a focus on sports chiropractic. She is a certified Active Release Technique practitioner (ART®), Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP) and is certified in kinesiotaping. Aundi's focus is to improve athletes' performance and restore them to health through muscle work and extensive rehabilitation and athletic taping. She volunteered in the training room at St. Joseph's University and is currently active with the AIDS Lifecycle Sports Medicine team. Aundi provides services at races including Wildflower Triathalon, Ironman competitions, Team in Training events and Athletic Endurance events. She is experienced in leading seminars with local swimming, cycling and running clubs. Topics include sport specific biomechanics, injury prevention, nutrition and extremity specific clinics. Aundi brings extensive personal experience with a large number of sports. Beginning with swimming at age 5, she played competitively in volleyball, soccer, field hockey, rugby, softball, swimming and water polo and played Division I field hockey. It is Aundi's passion to work with athletes and get them back on the playing field as quickly as possible.

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